Promote and grow your business alongside the drama and excitement of racehorse ownership

Racing4Business provides an innovative source for finding new clients and winning new business through experiencing the fun and enjoyment of owning a real thoroughbred racehorse.

We create syndicates of like-minded entrepreneurs and organisations who want to promote their business, reward staff and impress clients.

“Being involved as an owner is completely different to simply watching, its personal, its business, its fun!”

Each syndicate member will own a share of the racehorse, and receive all racing documents within their welcome pack. Syndicates will be no more than 20 members, ensuring exclusivity and genuine one to one networking.

Members will gain a unique insight into the world of the thoroughbred racehorse through regular updates from the trainer and trips to visit the horse at the yard.

How a racehorse syndicate can support your business:


Find and win new clients via your syndicate members. No syndicate is over 20 members so you’ll have regular


Impress clients and partners with invitations to racedays and private events.


Thank your loyal and hard working team with days out in the owner’s enclosure


Share in the collective drama and excitement of owning a real racehorse

Racing4Business is the team behind the high profile Burrow Seven fundraising team. They own Burrow Seven, but all profits from membership sales and raceday winnings will be given to the MND Association to fund invaluable research.

It’s hard to come up with ideas for fundraising events in an era of COVID but we think we’ve hit upon something original, inclusive and exciting with Burrow Seven.

Rob was a thoroughbred on the pitch. No one could match his speed. He was consistently a front runner for the match winning try and always a banker for man of the match! “I’ve met this horse and can testify that it has the same fighting spirit as Rob. I’m proud to be involved in the Burrow Seven fundraising campaign as an ambassador and we have high aspirations for how much money and awareness we can raise for Rob and the MND Association. Plus, we hope to have a lot of fun along the way. I can’t wait!

Barrie McDermott

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